Never turn down a job due to a shortage of manpower.

Print and Fill out the Application Below to the Best of Your Ability. Also Print and Fill out the W4 form and the I-9 form (They are government forms that must be filled out. 

Very Important To Read and See Example Below

Usually you would fill out your Application in our office. But because of the distance between our office and you, the government allows us to use someone such as a "Notary" as our Representative. You will have to find this person. They need to be near you, as you have the documents needed. Below are some examples showing how the forms need to be filled out. There are 2 ways that the form can be filled out. You will pick one.
(1) If you have a document from List A, such as a current Passport, you would only need that one document, and the information would Go under List A on the Form..
See Example Below:
(2) If you do not have a document found in List A (most people do not.) you will need 2 documents. One document from List B and one from List C. Most people use a current Drivers License for List B and a Social Security Card for List C.

Even though you cannot use copies of documents to get your I-9 completed (must be original documents)... ....We still need a copy of your documents for our files. When you make a copy to send to us, make sure it is legible.

Never turn down a job due to a shortage in manpower.

News Flash

We have simplified everything. Just print the Application and fill it out. Then  email it to Make sure you also print and fill out the government forms W4 and Form I-9   All will  need to be emailed or faxed Summit. (Do not forget: Form I-9 must go to a notary or someone who is not a family member that can act as Summit's agent or representative to fill out page 8/9. We also need you to send us a copy of your Drivers License and Social Security card, for example, if they are the documents you used on the Form I-9. If you used a Passport, then send a copy of that.

 It is a great help to get it all done properly the first time. On this page at the bottom left  you will also find fax numbers and emails.

 We also need you to send us copies of your Training Certificates and Safety Cards, Drivers Licence, Safety Certifications such as Basic Plus and or OSHA cards, Passport and anything else that you might think is important or helpful to get you out on the job.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Website. Please Follow the steps above and take your first steps towards beginning a profitable career with Summit Staffing, Inc. 

Please note that Summit Staffing, Inc hires Temporary/Variable Hour Employees. Our clients are some of the largest companies in the world, primarily working in the energy sector.

Contact Information:


  • Carl Barker fax to:      1 866-647-6569
  • Jessie Barker fax to:  1 866-647-4675
  • Karen Volpitta fax to: 1 866-647-4667
  • Daniel Lanehart fax to: 1 866-647-6630
  • If you do not have an “initial contact,” please fax to the
    1 866-647-4675 number or email to

You may either compose a resume using the form for resumes on the "Contact Us" page.. You can also copy and paste your resume there if it is available. Click "Submit" and we will immediately recieve it.  Resumes should go to your initial contact. You may also send them to We will also immediately recieve your resume by this method also.

Do Not Forget

Send us a copy of your Resume. There is a Resume Form on the Contact page of this website. After you fill in your name can compose from there or Copy and Paste the body of your resume into the form. Click "Submit" and it will go to the correct place. Or you can email it to