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Per Diem Request Form

Please fill out the form below, on the day you travel to the job site. You will then need to request your per diem each week on the day of the week you traveled for the duration of the job. If your "travel day" is on a Saturday or Sunday, Summit will often reset your Per diem due date, so per diem is always due on a week day....see below. 

For your convenience Summit Staffing is providing a form that you can use to request your Per Diem. Hopefully, this will better accommodate our employees, no matter what shift they are working. 

Use your smart phone, computer or tablet.

Online Database by Caspio
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More Important Information

Most of our jobs do require travel on weekends. Sometimes is makes an overload of work on the person assigned to do Per Diem. Nearly everyone is needing per diem on the same day. .

Therefore,  Summit will move the per diem due date to a week day in the following  manner: , if you call for Per Diem on a Saturday or Sunday, we will give you only 2 or 3 days of per diem  on your card. Then you will need to request the full week on the new due date.


Example: If you call for Per Diem on Sunday, the person handling Per Diem will inform you they are going to load 3 days on your card. That will take care of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so Wednesday  you  will need to go back on line and fill out the Per Diem Request form again. This time a full 7 days will be added to your card. This has the effect of moving the date you will be receiving your Per Diem. Your Per diem due date  has now been adjusted to Wednesdays and Wednesdays will be the day you request Per Diem for the rest of the job.